Adult Coloring Book Review!

Adult Coloring Book Review!

12314011_997135100343291_8570160309759597884_nWe got some epic coloring books made for adults. Even with the most basic skills you can create amazing works of art from the simpliest to the most gallery worthy peices just by following the instructions from the book. Making awesome stocking stuffers and gifts for the holidays these books are amazing, this is the official list that was sent to us of all 11 coloring books listed here:

Tangled Treasures Coloring Book by Jane Monk – The soothing flow of tangling plus the meditative action of coloring makes this book a treat.
100 Things to Draw with a Triangle by Sarah Walsh – Think of all the possibilities! Stars, snowflakes, trees, gifts and more! Doodle your way to holiday spirit with Sara Walsh (Just Add Color: Circus, Day of the Dead, Carnival).
Doodling for Tree Huggers and Nature Lovers by Gemma Correll – Doodling 12274669_997135663676568_435279950183616097_nis for everyone, and we mean everyone! Know a nature lover? This sassy draw-in journal is great for those who get creative in the great wide open.
Change Your Life One Doodle at a Time by Salli S. Swindell – Change is excitement. Change is surprise. Change is progress. Change is the thrill that comes from something new. Making small changes through this doodle journal can help you become happier and more confident.
  5 and 6.  
Color Me Stress-Free Color Me Calm by Lacy Mucklow and Angela Porter – These books examine the benefits of putting pencil (or crayon, marker, and ink) to paper and offers adults an opportunity to channel their anxiety into satisfying, creative accomplishment.
 12314080_997135307009937_6263660772477374998_n 7 and 8.  
Portable Color Me Calm / Portable Color Me Happy by Lacy Mucklow and Angela Porter – The international bestselling series now in a smaller, portable package. Bring it with you on a plane when travelling for the holidays. Makes a perfect small gift for any night and fits right inside a stocking!
20 Ways to Draw a Star by Studio SSS – This motivational practice book provides a new take on the world of sketching, doodling, and designing. Take a step-back and think about all the different ways to draw something. Open your mind to the possibilities and differences in everyday objects. Get out your favorite drawing tool, and remember, there are not just 20 Ways to Draw a Star!12308707_997135190343282_4931437823085363406_n
Doodling for Bookworms by Gemma Correll – Of course you know someone who loves to unwind by the fire, relaxing with a cup of tea and a good book. Jumpstart the creativity of your favorite book nerd and give them this great activity book filled with Shakespeare, George Orwell, and Jane Austen.
Tangled Gardens Coloring Book by Jane Monk – If the snow and cold stress you out, cozy up to Jane Monk’s Tangled Gardens. Use your brightest pigments to create a warm and inviting garden while you wait for spring to return.
Each of these coloring books has its own style of art work and pictures from amazing artists from all over the place!  Two of our coloring books came with crayons and color pencils(look at the picture to see!) And the rest came with their own skill sets needed! Some of these coloring books also explain shading and color combinations to help you get the best pictures you can with your coloring skills.
I particularly like the Color Me Happy/Calm and the Tangled Garden book! The picture shown here is from the color me happy book! Please follow for the contest!



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