Pediped Flex Shoe Review

Pediped Flex Shoe Review

We got two pairs of AWESOME shoes from Pediped! We got one pair of boots and a pair of dress shoes. The boots are chocolate with pastel pink and mint colored dots. The dress shoes are solid black.


The boots quickly became her favorite shoes and she insists on wearing them with everythign regardless of if they match or not. So I think they are probably extremely comfortable. 

She will wear these shoes all day long and to bed if we  let her! These (and the dress shoes) came with inserts to put in to increase the length of time they can be worn if theyre bought up a half size.


The black dress shoes are absolutely adorable and go well with ALOT of outfits! Most notably I pair them with my daughters princess dresses I make her! They fit extremely well with the Disney asthetic!  Both pairs of these shoes are made out of soft materials to prevent blisters and conform to the childs feet for maximum comfort.                                                                                                              


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