Purell Review

Purell Review

The cold and flu season has arrived at my household and to keep germs from spreading and being passed back and forth like a basketball. We are using PURELL We were gifted to test and review these aromatic pleasing scent (s) of Ginger Spice,Ocean Kiss
each of these came in a flip top cap in a Jelly sleeve which is great to attach to your purse or backpack for a quick on the go use. Along with refreshing sanitizing wipes in a resealable package that I can keep in the car which comes in handy when I need them. and a family size bottle of regular scent to keep at home. Trust me when you have 5 people in the house it gets used often. I’ve always trusted the Purell name and company , I was first introduced to PURELL when I worked in the Nursing Homes and felt confident enough to use it in my own house hold,The PURELL brand is effective at killing 99.99% of most common germs,meets the need of Health Care workers, Restaurant Owners and Families the bottle can be placed any where you need it the most. Read more About PURELL

Also check them out on


*Glitter Ball Life Style was not compensated We received the product in exchange for our review, and opinions are %100 our own and may differ from yours .


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