No Honey Those are not lunch bags

No Honey Those are not lunch bags

I thought that I’ve explained everything to my girls about changes their bodies are going to go through and what to expect when your monthly “auntie Flo” shows up or better known in this house as Shark week. So I go to the store with my 10 year old to get my oldest “crime scene tape” for those of you that don’t know this is was sanitary pads /napkins in this house hold is called and let me tell there is nothing sanitary about these damn things who ever the hell called them sanitary was out of there damn mind. Then there are the hoo ha plugs holy mother of hell they are not fit for a queen let alone near my loins. Yeah lets shove cardboard and cotton in hole and see if it fits, Um nope and they don’t come with easy to follow instructions either you would think they would be easier than putting Ikea furniture together and hope that you don’t forget something. See Pads are much simpler and easy You pull the sticky paper off attach to panties and voila your done and hope for the best. Well eventually they will need to be disposed of and at home you have your trash can or a Hazmat bag to put them in. But NOT in the public bathrooms you get little brown paper bags that don’t self seal and some women don’t close them and just stick them in a tiny little waste basket on the side of the wall. Well now back to my 10 year old. She had to use the bathroom and felt un-easy about being in the stall by herself I went it to the 5×5 cubicle sized stall and stood there and waited, And that is when she noticed the wafer thin paper bags on the wall and asked me ” Why are there lunch bags in the bathroom” ? I had to explain to her what they were for and she seemed a little grossed out but just shrugged her shoulders and did her business and we left. Now when we do see actual brown paper sacks for lunch we both look at each other and smile. Yes we are both a little twisted but I would not change that for anything.


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