1/06/15 Back to School #Christmasbreakisover Happy Happy Joy Joy!

1/06/15 Back to School #Christmasbreakisover Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Do you hear that ? Of course not it is the sound of silence. The kidlets went back to school today what seemed like an eternity of a “vacation” . Ah but soon enough they will be home and the sound of girls shrieking and a son that just want to go to his room and do what ever it is that boys do in their rooms. *snort* . Well Hubby and I managed to pay some bills and spend some time together without kids wanting something or the over used phrase. STOP TOUCHING ME !! or MOM a million times. I do love my kids but when they all start sounding alike with the same monotone of MOM or OMG! I’ve just about lost it. Or We’re BORED.. Kids think they have it so rough. I’m not going to go into ” Well In My Day” we blah blah. cause who wants to hear that.. I truly thought there was going to be a volcanic meltdown the other day when we had to turn off the power to install newer light switches and plug ins. due to the fact there was no TV or Internet for about 30 minutes. I suggested going outside and breathing in fresher air but all I got was funny looks and a lot of sighs and ughs. though they do go out but only if they are not made too. though my youngest does go next door and play over there well since they have the cool backyard. I know at least she is not on her electronics vegging out to Minecraft or something. My son does explore out doors only to find crawling things to freak out his sisters with. My oldest she rather hang out with her non-sibling any one that is related to her friends . or she would rather sit in a corner of the house and draw which is good it involves simple things and nothing electronic. It is good that they unplug and be content . So I hope that you all had a great vacation with your families. Have a Blessed Day ~ Laura


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