Happy HUMP Day !! Glitter Ball Friends and Family

Happy HUMP Day !! Glitter Ball Friends and Family

Holy nuts It is cold day here in Spring Hill, Florida we even had to turn on the heat in the house, the temp dropped to 39 over night and for us here that is a wee bit chilly . And perhaps for the rest of the week we will see temps in that range. I’ve got most of my Christmas shopping done and now I need to restock on wrapping paper and bows, Also I need to get over to our favorite Italian Restaurant Luigi’s and put in our order for our Christmas Dinner. They have the best Lasagna and Chicken Parm well in my opinion they do. Their Garlic Bread is out of this world and so warm and tasty, yum I can’t wait to have that to compliment my Christmas dinner. Most op for the traditional dinner of Ham or Turkey , Not us Husband and youngest kidlet are of Italian descent so of course we have to have something Italian for Christmas which we do normally for our Christmas Dinner. I seriously can’t wait.!! What type of food do you serve for the Holidays ? Do you go traditional or something else ? Let us know we would like to hear about it. Well we would like to wish you all a Blessed Day , So grab that coffee, tea or hot cocoa and seize the day ~ Laura


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