Happy Friday Glitter Ball Friends and Family ~ Woot Woot!!

Happy Friday Glitter Ball Friends and Family ~ Woot Woot!!

Happy #Friday Glitter Ball Friends and Family, Yes we finally made to Friday, What a beautiful glorious Day we are starting off with here in Spring Hill, Florida. I’m in the process of testing lights to go outside on the house which may or may not be put up today but most likely tomorrow. The kidlets keep asking so we might as well put them up and not just because the neighbors for the next 3 houses have them up either *snort*. Yesterday could of gone better , We went to pay bills *groan* and in the process a lady tripped on something and fell hard on her knees and gashed it the people at the Water Company sprang into action and attended to her quickly, The lady was fine and left with gauze wrapped around her knee, My youngest child was with me she stayed home claiming that her stomach was hurting but after sleeping in later than usual she seemed to feel better, She wanted to help the lady but others got there first, I have such a caring child. Then we decided to stop and eat lunch and as we walked in we were greeted with menus and sat in a booth, then not 5 minutes later another couple walked in and was seated and it was obvious that they were friends of the server because she immediately took their drink order and My husband and I spoke up as another server was walking by, We stopped her and said ” Um excuse me but why are they being served first as we were here before them” She apologized and took our drink order, Then as she was bringing us the drinks she gave my daughter hers, then hubbys and as she went to hand me mine it slipped out of her hands and all over us , the table and floor. Nothing like having HI-C being dumped all over you, She again apologized and moved us to another table to complete our order after I went to get more paper towels to soak up the wetness. I swear it looked at though I peed my pants.. Did the manager do anything ? Nope not even take a percentage off, Now when I was a server if that happened we would either pay for the meal or give them a discount I guess we did not matter and nobody cared. Oh well I’m guessing customer satisfaction is not what it use to be. (sigh). We finished our meal, payed for it and left. Well I’m hoping today is not as crazy as yesterday. So grab your Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa and seize the day ~ Laura


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