Good Morning Glitter Ball Friends and Family

Good Morning Glitter Ball Friends and Family

I can’t believe that it is December already and that is it #CyberMonday. It seems like the Holidays are just being fast forwarded into some time warp. The kidlets wanted to put the tree up and of course we did, But now we can’t find the lights to go on it. We had 8 light sets and they have gone and disappeared on us, We have looked through all the boxes and torn apart the garage looking for them. Guess we will have to buy lights, sigh .. I think for this years theme it will to be snowflakes. Each year we try to do a theme on the tree, previous years have been Bears, Snowmen, Reindeer . Now this year the Kidlets want to do a snow flake theme. I’ve only had the tree set up for 8 hours and already Merlin the Cat has tried to climb it. Lil Miss Ariel has barked at it , can’t blame her since she has never been around one . Last year she was much younger and not aware of what exactly was going on. She is much wiser this year and not amused by all the singing Christmas decorations. So with it being Cyber Monday are you shopping online ? If so what are you hoping to find great deals on ? Let us know and be sure to check over at Bargain Hound Daily Deals for their #cybermonday deals. So grab your Coffee, Tea , or Hot Cocoa and shop away. ~ Laura


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