$50 Discount Watch Store GC Giveaway! Ends Nov. 30, 2014

$50 Discount Watch Store GC Giveaway! Ends Nov. 30, 2014

Soo in order to do this mini review I was given a $50 Gift Card to buy anything I wanted from the Discount Watch Store. I usually wouldnt bother honestly but I figured I would see if I could give away both cards on the site. They said no, they wanted a review and a giveaway. So I said ok because I want our readers to have as many chances as possible to win holiday gifts! Anyhow I was skeptical I would find anything I loved for $50! I mean 50 is a ok amount, but I am dedicated to NOT adding things to our home that we don’t love! Anyhow I was WRONG to think that! This place is FULL OF GREAT DEALS! I found a $695 Invicta womans watch marked down to $55.33! Shipping was FREE so my out of pocket cost for my almost $700 new watch was only $5.33. I know I am in shock as well! I will be able to give someone a gift that retails for a TON, for almost free! Their site is even fast! I had no glitches, and easy check out and nothing spammy! I think that the Discount Watch Store will be my new online go to place for gift ideas! I am actually excited to find this deal! We have a couple of the kids who love watches! What a cool Christmas gift right! They also have lighters, sunglasses,pens and more. Really you should be able to find a perfect gift at a low cost for everyone on your holiday list! Even if you find yourself pressed for time they can help! DiscountWatchStore.com offers free 2nd Day Air shipping for orders over $150, a great perk this time of year!



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