Happy Saturday Glitter Ball Friends and Family

Happy Saturday Glitter Ball Friends and Family

It is a rainy day here in Spring Hill, Florida which I rather have than colder weather, Though my canine cutie Lil Miss Ariel does not care for it too much , She much rather be outside but she does not like getting wet. It is a day to stay in jammies and sip hot cocoa and watch cartoons or a good movie and do laundry , With 5 people it seems like there is so much yes I complain about it but I’m grateful that I do have clothes to wash and wear and to have a washer and dryer, When we first moved back to Florida we made several trips to the laundromat which seemed fun at first, the kidlets were fascinated watching the clothes wash and spin in the see through window, but that got old real fast and even though the laundromat was clean I did not like the fact of “sharing” a washer with so many others. Now that I have my own and even though I know what are on my clothes for the most part I give my washer a weekly cleaning with baking soda and either lemon or orange powder Kool-aid with hot water and let it sit for about 2 hours and then run the cycle, this to me help eliminate odors and get the grime out of it.Then I run another cycle with hot water and a pine scented all purpose cleaner. Well the kidlets are up and needing my attention , My little 10 year old daughter is not feeling well I think her allergies are getting the best of her.:( So have a Blessed Day ..Grab your Coffee, Tea or Hot Cocoa and seize the day . ~ Laura
PS. If you do happen to read this please kindly leave a comment telling me about your day or plans. Thank you ❤


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