Happy Sunday Glitter Ball Friends and Family

Happy Sunday Glitter Ball Friends and Family

Good Morning and welcome to the Sunday edition of Glitter Ball Life, Let the laundry games begin, I did maybe about 1/3 of the laundry yesterday and have much more to do But not with out suggested comments from Husband the Handy mans input, I have been doing laundry just fine since the age of 16 when my mother would work long hours I would basically be responsible for making sure that hers and my own clothes were washed, dried and fold and put away, As I got older I have done laundry in Nursing homes, Motels and even worked on laundromats. So I’m positive that I’m capable of knowing how to clean clothes, But husband the handy man thinks that I’m not doing it right, I read the labels on which clothes should be washed in the proper temperature and if they need to be turned inside out or not. If there is any type of iron on or decoration on the front even the washing instructions suggest that you turn it inside out. And yes certain colors should only be washed in cold and others in warm water. I do wash socks and underwear in warm to hot water and no I do not add fabric softener. Then there is the 5 jean rule , I only wash 5 pairs of jeans at a time but he thinks that I should just load them all in and wash, Um no.. I will not wash cleaning rags that I have used to clean the bathroom or put some sort of cleaning chemical on it with my bath towels..I just let him rant and do it my own way.He should know by now this is one battle that he will be defeated ,but yet brings it up again the next week, And I thought after 11 years he should know better πŸ™‚ Do you and your significant other have little trysts ? Tell us about them I’m sure we all could use a laugh today. So grab that coffee, tea , or hot cocoa and seize the day .. ~ Laura


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