Happy Friday Glitter Ball!!

Happy Friday Glitter Ball!!

Happy Friday Glitter Ball, It is with out a doubt a wintery type weather this morning here in Spring Hill, FL, It is drizzling and a temp of 40 ish. Time to put on the hoodies and long pants. But yet I see sweats and flip-flops , Yep that is Florida winter attire . I did how ever want to check out the Yard Sales but it’s to windy and breezy for that and besides I woke up later than usual so it was a rush to get youngest child up and dressed and no time to brush my hair I just barely had enough time to get dressed and pack a snack for her and out the door. No time for coffee :(, Well then I had an hour to go before next kidlet had to be at his bus stop, So I had some time to brush through my hair , down some coffee thanks to HandyMan husband making some while I was gone, Lil Miss Ariel had not gone out yet so I had to take her out for her morning ritual and of course once she felt the coolness did not want to be out in it, can’t say that I blame her. Well all the kidlets are at school so this gives me some time to do some light house keeping and drink more coffee. Hope you all have a Blessed Day, Grab your Coffee, Tea , Hot cocoa and seize the day ~ Laura


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