Happy Thursday Glitter Ball!!

Happy Thursday Glitter Ball!!

Let me start off with wishing you all a Blessed Day and a Happy Thursday,
I would like to know what makes people so inconsiderate, I live off of a main road sort of in the suburb area but yet people that drive by doing 40 mph or more in a 35 mph zone that is not my biggest complaint it’s the fact that while they are clearly speeding decide to throw their garbage out of the car, What do they think this is a dump site ? I’m not just talking about food or anything liquid , this is a actual trash from their late night munchie fest, I have woken up too wrappers from the fast food places that are near by and drink cups and the worst was some kids diaper all bundled up . Come on people that is nasty and just plain disgusting. People are just jerks and guess they don’t care, I have undeveloped land across the road and there is a lady that bags up her dogs crap and just tosses it in the brush. I have sat in my garage and watch her do this on several occasions and from what I have been told it’s best not to speak to her as she has been know to start problems in the area, She looks around to make sure no one is watching and just tosses it, so apparently she must know that it’s not right. If she is going to dispose of her dogs doo-doo then why bother bagging it up and tying it , now it just sits there and wont disintegrate as it would if not bagged. Okay enough of my ranting I could go on and on. So grab your coffee, tea , hot cocoa and seize the day. Have a Blessed one . ~ Laura ..


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