11th Annual Holiday Tradition with Fire/ Rescue

11th Annual Holiday Tradition with Fire/ Rescue

Back when my oldest daughter was 5 she took it upon her self to use the money that she received from the tooth fairy and from monetary gifts from relatives she approached me and said that she wanted to make a special gift basket for our local Firemen and Women too. I took her to the store and with her money she bought enough goodies to fill a good size wicker basket, of course I matched what she had , I asked her when she wanted to give it to them and she set the date for Christmas Eve, So as the day approached we went down and delivered the goody basket. Most of them were out on a call saving lives so we left it with the EMT that greeted us at the door along with a Thank you note. We have done this each year since. We moved to another state and continued the tradition there too. When we moved back to where it all started we kept up with it. Now she is 16 and this year will be the 11th year of doing so. We are already planning what to fill the goody basket up with for this year. Last year we received donations from a couple of our local supermarkets in the form of gift cards.and added them to the gift basket. I hope to continue this as long as I can and hopefully when the kids are older and with their own kids the tradition will live on.


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