Happy Thursday Glitter Ball Family

Happy Thursday Glitter Ball Family

Can you believe that in 49 More days Christmas will be upon us, I’m slowly getting gifts for the family, With the kidlets being older it gets more and more of a guessing game with them. One week they want this and the next it is something different . I know that Thanksgiving is close too and that means that stores on and offline will be getting their massive deals coming out soon, Personally I’m not the type that will wait in line for bargains , I prefer to shop on line or go to the stores when all the hustle and bustle of the crowds are down to a minimum. I’ve noticed that Christmas decor and music are being shoved in our faces, I understand that it is that “time ” of year but it seems like each year it starts earlier. I’m not a grinch I just want to enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving with out being persuaded to rush the next holiday. I hope you all have a Blessed Day ~Laura


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