BarKeepers Friend Cleanser Review

BarKeepers Friend Cleanser Review

I first became aware of Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser when I worked for a Professional Cleaning Service, We had tough jobs to tackle ,tubs that seemed like they have not been cleaned for many months and white appliances that seemed as though they have been through a dust and grime storm, We tried other scouring/gel cleaners and nothing seemed to cut through it and no matter how much “elbow grease” we used it still was not good enough. We consulted other professional cleaning companies and each one of them told us to use Barkeepers Friend. My goodness after one use we were amazed it truly was the almighty cleanser, It comes in 5 very powerful forms , I personally love the Powdered Form of the Cleanser and Polish , over the Liquid only because I use less and in my opinion the powered form is easier to control the amount to be used, where the liquid needs to be shaken before use and it pours out a little too fast for me. My days of being a Professional Residential/Commercial cleaning are over , But to this day I still use Bar Keepers Friend in cleaning my own house. I have kids and they can dirty a tub/shower and with in one use of Bar Keepers Friend my tub and sink look nice and shiny until the next time. Please take a moment to check out their full line of products to see which one will fit your cleaning needs.BarKeepersFriend Products Since 1882 Bar Keepers Friend has been cleaning Households across The United States and other Countries. Read all about their company Bar Keepers Friend Background Story
* This is my own opinion I was not compensated in any way for my review*


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