As a dedicated mom I wanted to provide my child with reliable trustworthy school uniforms, As a School Uniform mom I often find it difficult to find the size,style and colors that my child’s school requires,It seems that every child in the district wears the same size and since we have a limited color selection of White, Grey, Black and Teal polo shirts and the Teal goes really fast ,If you don’t pick up the teal when they first come out, You get left with the other colors and personally I’m not a fan of sending my child to school with a white shirt. So while searching online I came across French Toast Official School Wear uniforms Upon reading there information they have been producing quality children’s wear for over 50 years.To me that shows they care and are very dedicated to provide the best school wear. I have purchased other brands of school uniforms in the past and they seem to wear out before the end of the year and I end up purchasing replacements. Now I have compared Brand X with French Toast Brand uniform and I can see and feel the difference as can my child.I can also tell that they are made with a durable quality material that will outlast the school year,Most of all they are soft and not stiff ( uniforms that I have purchased before are stiff no matter how many times they have been washed and no amount of fabric softener helped,another plus is that they do not wrinkle easy. That is a plus because there are times that I don’t pull them out of the dryer when they are first done. French Toast carries a variety of uniforms that I’m most certain will fit your needs . They carry Boys sizes from 2t up to Young Mens as well. If you need Accessories including tights and shoes, to belts and ties they have them too.I am very pleased with French Toast uniforms and from here on out French Toast will be the only brand that I purchase from now on, and my child has received many compliments from other uniform moms on how nice they look, My daughter tells me that they are so comfortable and soft to wear. She is my biggest critic when it comes to her clothes and if she is happy then I’m happy. DSC01160Adjustable side pleated jumper with teal shirt DSC01163Navy blue adjustable scooter/skirt with teal polo shirtDSC01164

DSC01166Navy Blue Long Pant with Teal Shirt As you can tell from the pictures my child loves her picture taken and when I told her to try them on and have a “mock” fashion show , she was all for it. Thank you French Toast for providing my child with these awesome uniforms. As you can see they are a big hit.
*All opinions above are my own and I was not compensated in any way other than to review uniforms for French Toast*


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