Cool Gear Water Bottles Review

Cool Gear Water Bottles Review

As a mom I want my children to eat right, limit their intake on carbonated drinks and not so fruit , fruit juices. As I look at what there is out there to offer each bottle or can has an eye-catching container, Is that what draws their attention? Is is more appealing than say a plain water bottle ? Even when I add flavorings to disposable water bottles they drink about half and the rest goes to waste, and so does the water bottle and I don’t want to add any more to the land fills than I have to, But I came across a company called COOL GEAR and they have the coolest BPA free water bottles and they are very eye-catching and best of all they are re-usable. My children were so happy with each of their bottles that they use them everyday and that makes me feel good knowing that they are drinking more water and best of all they have a cool water bottle to drink from . COOL GEAR also carries other items as well from Coffee Travel mugs,food storage containers,lunchbags and so on. Are you a Coca-Cola fan ? Yes they also carry licensed products as well, If you are looking for a cool water bottle that your kids will definitely want to use and re-use , Check out their page and you will surely find one that you like. My youngest daughter that is nine chose The pink Ledge bottle that comes with a flip-spout and removable straw. water_bottle_1495Pink My oldest daughter that is fifteen chose the Purple Sub-zero with Chugger Cap and it comes with a re-usable non-toxic gel freezer stick,water_bottle_1481Purple And My son that is thirteen really wanted to go all the way green with his Straight wall bottle with chugger cap and with a removable straw water_bottle_1454Green And best of all they are all dishwasher safe and BPA Free (Bisphenol-A). I am quite pleased that they are willing to drink more water and take them to school to stay hydrated throughout the day and living in Florida we need to stay hydrated as much as possible and drinking water is also good for your body too. and I would like to give a big Thank you to COOL GEAR for sending me these way cool water bottles, * Disclaimer* I was not compensated in any way other than receiving the Water Bottles, all opinions are my own .


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