Baby Butz Cream Review AND GIVEAWAY

Baby Butz Cream Review AND GIVEAWAY

So let me just start out by saying I use cloth diapers, I avoid chemicals at all cost, especially on my 9 month old. So when I got Baby Butz Cream I was beyond excited! Its 100% natural baby butt cream!  With its active ingrediant being 30% Zinc  Oxide  it makes a great cream to protect your babies butt!  Zinc Oxide has lots of really great healing properties on the body, and can be used to treat burns to sun screen!  It doesnt contain, achohal, chemicals , perfumes, parabens or gluten. So all of the bases that make this amazing cream natural are covered! My little girl is VERY squirmy during diaper changes and I easily got this cream on her! The cream in is nice, thick, and I really like the smell(Even though there is no perfume in it!) Being as thick as it is it stays on your babies skin and doesn’t attempt to attatch itself to your diapers(Cloth or disposable.) I really do love this product, and highly reccomend this to all the cloth diapering, or disposable diapering mamas who have babies that are prone to diaper rashes:)  This cream is Baby Bella Approved!!


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