almondina review1

almondina review1

We where asked to review Almondina Cookies…I was a skeptic, because I a a lil sntty about what I eat. Ok I am a LOT snotty about what I eat. And most biscotti type cookies…well they are just not appealing at all! Ok that is my not so sublte way to say that they SUCK. They look good though, so it didnt take a lot to convince my 20 year old to try one…ok she rushed to the kitchen, cookies in hand and started eating the GINGERSPICE flavored… wasnt long until all the varieties where being sampled. Even Bellamie got in on the action…The baby LOVES the SESAME variety! So since most of our readers know my family are a pack of picky eaters, who never give the baby junk food and who’s 20 year old is calorie obsessed…it will surprise you to know that not only did everyone eat the cookies, more impressive is that everyone LOVED the cookies! Win Win!! The only fat in Almondina Cookies is the Almonds…yep…no lard, no vegi oil so these cookies are very healthy! They ALSO have no cholesterol and no added fat, salt, or preservatives. I have a new love in my life…but I better eat the next box quickly…..I was beaten by the kids to this box!! I got a couple…but Ill be back to order more! Because of their quality, versatility and healthy nature Almondina Cookies wins a spot in out 2013 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE !
Almondina® is the inspiring success story of a man whose great loves include both music and wonderful food. For generations his family loved his grandmother Dina’s most secret cookie, which she called Petit Gateau Sec. Yuval Zaliouk, an internationally known symphony conductor and gourmet chef, always had a special place in his heart (and stomach) for this exquisite, crispy wafer with the delicate flavor of roasted almonds and the natural sweetness of plump raisins.

Plus just look at the flavors available…I mean serously how can you resist??

Now I know one of our amazing readers would love a mixed assortment of cookies! And Almondina Cookies agrees! Lucky readers…One of you will win a box of assorted flavors!! Thats right, sent directly from the sponsor…but open in a private room to savor a few on yyour own before the family see’s them! Trust me on this…they go quickly…and we had a LOT of packs!! 🙂
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Bellamie Enjoying her Favorite Cookie! Sesame Almondina!

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