Fit Lips Review

Fit Lips Review

So these have to be some of the BEST lip products I’ve tried in a while! there absolutely decadent! I received two tube lip balms, one in natural and one in vanilla! Both are amazing and easy to apply, on top of that there organic and biodegradeable even the packaging. Which we all know green is the way to be especially for things like cosmetics cause you dont want to be putting crap on your skin and lips! I also received two tins one with peppermint lip balm and there scrub! The peppermint lip balm smells amazing (especially if you love peppermint as much as I do) and is really easy to apply. Even Bellamie(my daughter) LOVES the smell of this and will give me kisses to get some on her lips! The scrub is amazing too! I am VERY prone to chapped flaky lips(which is not cute or sexy!) and this scrub works wonders on them. The scrub part of this is made from sugar which amazing cause its a natural exfolliant. The scrub itself is full of oils and other good stuff that help make your lips extra smooth! These great lip products would be wonderful holiday gifts for your little diva or any other family member! These are definately paw approved! To get these amazing products click on the picture!


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