Life Without Plastic, Dish set review

Life Without Plastic, Dish set review

So as everyone knows I absolutely love eco-friendly products and of the ones I’ve tried recently  I must admit I absolutely LOVE this dish set from Life With Out Plastic! The company itself are vegan and eco-friendly and they only source the best materials for there products. These are remarkably well made and are child friendly! All the edges on these AMAZING dishes are rounded in so that they are dull and fingers do not get cut on them. The cup that it came with is adorable and small enough that little hands can hold it but big enough that you wont constantly be refiling it! The little cup is also double walled so if you put something hot into it for yourself then your fingers wont get hot and its perfect sized to pour yourself a hot glass of cocoa! (Please do not put these in the microwave! There stainless steel!) The little bowl is perfect sized as well! It hold exactly two servings(1 cup) of ice cream! Which is great if your trying to watch your potion sizes. Last but not least is the little plate! Its about ten inches around with handles built into it! So if your little one has a hard time holding onto plates with regular edges this is a VERY nice feature to have, the plate itself is well made and easy to clean just like the cup and bowl! Overall this dish set is adorable, easy to maintain, even easier to clean(Dishwasher safe!), and my little girl loves that she gets to eat of shiny dishes!  To see these and more great products that are paw approved go to 



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