HI Everyone,

This is my first non review post! As you all know Im a mom of a beautiful 6 month old! So I have begun planning her first major holiday season AND her first birthday! So far I think I want to get her a Ipad mini and one of those stuffed plushie toys from Fisher Price that they can use! I think there a great learning tool! But then what to do for her birthday? She wont be getting cake cause there is just to much sugar in it! Maybe a fruit tart? But then there is the gifts and her outfit and everything else! Its ALOT to plan and ALOT of companies to pitch! Im also planning Christmas this year for everyone else and getting my business up and running and hoping to get more traffic through here and maybe get my ads up! Isn’t it insane to try to do this all at once?? I think it is! On top of that Im studying for my drivers permit! Wow thats alot and this is a long ramble! Off to go crochet some more patterns! 


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